Different Types Of Hair Brush For Different Purposes


A person can hurt his or her hair when she or he uses the hairbrush in the wrong way. One deciding on the kind of hair brush to use may be confusing at times. In the process of combing the hair, employment of the right comb cam makes the difference. One should be able to decode the best kinds of combs and brushes which are ideal to be used. The kerastase products are one of the best when it comes to hair care. Here are the examples of various types of hair brush used by an individual for different purposes;

Different types

Paddle brush

woman in the fieldA paddle brush is a kind of brush which is available in all shapes and sizes. The small types are considered to be ideal for the mobility use. The large type of paddle brush is suitable to be used at home. They exist in various shapes which can either be square or round shape. The paddle brushes are perfectly used to smoothen out locks and the tresses being untangled.

Vent brush

Vent kind of hair brush is employed in cases whereby an individual has issues of frizzy hair and difficulties are experienced during dealing and untangling it. It is suitable to be used by persons with short or medium length hair. The vent hair brush can be employed as a device or apparatus for blow-drying. It is because the brush contains vents which are tiny and are incorporated into the design. The hair drying time is reduced by the presence of the vents.

Round metal hair brush

The round metal kind of hair brush is ideal during blow drying; a person wants to increase the volume of mane. Round metal hair brushes exist in different sizes. One is usually advised to settle on the size based on which appearance an individual prefers. Currently, they are technologically advanced kinds available in the market which are ceramic and ionic. The ceramic and ionic types aid in cutting the drying period without an individual putting more emphasis on the styling.

Teasing hair brush

red hair girlThe teasing type of hair brush is ideal for back brushing. It aids a person to add volume to his or her hair when combing. One can tease his or her hair on the upper part of his or head, and very chic up-dos can be created in the process. The teasing hairbrush is rectangular shaped and contains very tightly bristles which are packed together.


It is a type of hair brush which is categorized into two groups namely wide tooth and fine tooth. The wide tooth type is suitable for detangling wet hair, and the fine tooth type is ideal for fine hair.