Tips When Hiring a Garage Door Repair Company

Of late, there has been an influx of complaints about garage door repair companies that charge grossly exorbitant prices, does shoddy work, performed unneeded repairs, steal clients garage door parts, and much more unethical and questionable practices. Most likely, you might have been in contact with some of them. All garage door companies often claim that their technicians are well-trained, and well-versed with all the aspects of garage door repair including troubleshooting, and parts replacement. The big question is, can you trust their word? Amongst all of them, how do you choose the best? Here are some of the most valuable tips to consider when hiring the best garage door repair company.garage door

Verify business licenses and permits

If you don’t know or is uncertain of the business permit and licenses required for garage door company, ask or seek information from the relevant authority. Hiring unlicensed garage door company can not only result in your garage door being damaged but also put you in a collision with the authority. Besides, it’s illegal to hire unlicensed garage door company to handle any aspect of the door.

Insurance cover

Regardless of its size, any garage door company should have the relevant insurance policy in place. Also, they should be willing to show the proof of the same of requested. Politely ask the garage door company to show you the proof of their insurance policy cover in addition to the worker’s reimbursement and liability comprehensive coverage. Not all garage door companies have insurance cover, but it will be for your good to hire one that is covered. Remember, insurance cover is very important as it protects you from lawsuits if a contractor or his staff is wounded while working on your premises. Keenly go through the details of the cover with an eagle’s eye.

Ask for references list

red metal garage doorJust to confirm that they are who they claim to be, ask the garage door company for the reference lists of present and past clients. With it, it’s pretty easy to follow up by visiting or calling those clients and seeking their opinion about the garage door contractor and if they were satisfied with the service. Carefully and cautiously listen to their answers. Contacting a couple of clients on the reference list will help you make an informed decision on whether or not to hire the garage door company.

In-depth research

Don’t settle for just the basics. Carry out an in-depth research, get price quotes, and warranties provided by different garage door service providers before settling on the best one. Never use low price as a yardstick to pick a garage door company.

Keep off genetically answered phones

Beware of phones call that are answered generically, like ”Hello, door service” or just “Hello, garage doors” This fishy tactic is used by fraudulent companies that operate under many names that they cannot even comfortably answer the phone calls. If a garage door company answers a call in a strange way, ask them to tell you who they are or just hang up.